Game Example: Spaceship Galaxy

Nokturn, 12. Oct. 2002

The second game example is a horizontal scroller space game. You aim is the elemination of many many enemies and surviving. Of course surviving isn't possible and you have to score as many points as you can until you explode. It's a pretty difficult game and I am proud to have increased my personal highscore from 140 to 390!

This game is a little more complex than SpacePong, but I could still extend it by more enemies, more weapons, better music ;) and maybe new levels. Well, it's just an example game, please feel free to modify it!

It was great fun to code this game, it took me about 5 hours. However, I also realised that the GameBlade is far from being usable for bigger projects and that's why I will start working on a new release of the GameBlade soon.

The distribution is called GMSpaceshipGalaxy20021007 and the file is GameBlade-GMSpaceshipGalaxy20021007.tar.gz.


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