What is the GameBlade?

Nokturn, 18. Oct. 2002

The GameBlade is a C++ framework for games wanting to use SDL, SDL_image and SDL_mixer. It is designed to be very cleanly written, easy to use, even for an amateur C++ programmer. It was made for those who want to make 2D games but only have a little free time. Since the GameBlade wraps everything up in clear functions and classes, the coder does not need to warry about writing functions for setting the graphics mode, loading different fileformats or playing background music. All these functions have already written for them.

A great effort has been put into the system of the GameBlade, which may not in any way limit the type of games it is used for. It can be used for RPGs, shooter games, platformers, arcade games and even 3D games. The game provides classes like GB_Sprite, which are capable of displaying and loading sprites: rotated, scaled, anti-aliased, colorkeyed, alpha-blended. Every sprite has a frame management system, which divides the sprite file into frames.

The next versions of the GameBlade will include collision detection systems which will be easily usable.

To convince youself, please download a game distribution of the GameBlade to see how easy writing games is!

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